Handmade wooden bicycle grips

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Handmade wooden bicycle grips

Original handmade wooden bike grips for your comfortable and stylish ride.

This unique bike accessory is made of hazelwood (Corylus avellana). Its sticks are carefully hand-picked in the beautiful woods of northern Slovakia. After cutting it we bring it to our bicycle shop in the town of Liptovsky Hradok, where hazelwood is machined manually using the joiner's tools.

The grips are handmade by Milan Jurčo, former professional cyclist, first Slovak rider in Tour de France. He got inspired for making wooden bicycle grips from the tradition of the wood industry in the Liptov region in Slovakia.

They fit every size of the handlebars, fine or strong hands.

If you wish grips can be also custom made for your motorcycle handlebars, baby prams or wheelbarrows.

2 pairs available

Shipping cost: 10 € (worlwide)




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